Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
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An Overview of Our Services

SMRTL’s Background

SMRTL was founded in 2003, following the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, with financial support from the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC), the National Football League (NFL), the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and the University of Utah. SMRTL commenced early operations in October 2005, and began testing for a broad range of clients after receiving its accreditation by WADA in November, 2006. The laboratory is organized as an independent non-profit corporation supported exclusively by testing revenues and research grants.


Our Vision

SMRTL is a world leader in detecting the use of performance enhancing substances in sport through excellent scientific practices backed by innovative research and development.

Our Mission

SMRTL achieves its vision by committing to:

  • Timely, rigorous, and confidential analysis
  • Prompt communication of results
  • Investment in the lab team's capabilities and resources
  • Continued development of its existing methods
  • Discovery of new and innovative methods
Our Values

SMRTL achieves its vision by committing to:

  • Integrity emphasizing the highest degree of honesty, confidentiality, respect and compliance with scientific principles, ethics and laws governing its work.
  • Client Service Excellence emphasizing clear, timely communication of accurate results.
  • Accountability emphasizing full responsibility for defensible results, cost-effectiveness of our services and support for lab team initiative and innovation.
  • Teamwork emphasizing a positive attitude toward collaboration, respect for diversity and celebration of individual and group achievement.


SMRTL uses the best scientific practices and state-of-the-art service
to exceed client expectations.

Quality Assured, Expectations Exceeded.