Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
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Consultation and Support

Cosultation Overview

SMRTL provides scientific consultative support to all of our clients as part of our testing services. Occasionally clients seek more intensive support in the development and operation of their drug testing programs. This support takes several forms:

  • SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT — the complex nature of the science and analytical methods leads to frequent requests for support in identifying new patterns of doping by athletes. Our data base of approximately 50,000 samples provides a valuable foundation to examine patterns of interest.
  • DEFENSE OF RESULTS — SMRTL provides thorough documentation of positive results and works closely with clients to ensure their legal defensibility in appeals and other proceedings.
  • COST EFFECTIVE TEST DESIGN — due to the high costs of drug testing programs, clients seek to identify more cost effective ways to design and operate their programs. Our knowledge of common patterns of doping coupled with the variations in our clients’ drug programs gives us valuable insight not available to others.