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Career Opportunities at SMRTL

Offering Exceptional Career Postions and Benefits

We continually seek talented individuals with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities in addition to a strong alignment with a culture that values Integrity, Client Service Excellence, Accountability, and Teamwork. SMRTL offers competitive compensation and benefits to three-quarter and full-time employees that include health, dental, 401(K) and paid time off.

From Laboratory Aide to Senior Scientist, SMRTL has a wide range of opportunities that allows employee development and growth. SMRTL currently has the following laboratory staff positions:

Laboratory Aide
This an entry level position that is usually part-time in nature with duties that include sample handling tasks and cleaning of laboratory equipment.

Analyst I
This position generally involves duties such as sample handling tasks, preparation of samples for analysis and operation of clinical analyzers.

Analyst II
This position builds upon the Analyst I position adding duties such as operation of mass spectrometers, sample analysis using gel electrophoresis and initial data review.

Analyst III
Continuing to build upon the Analyst II, this staff position adds routine maintenance of mass spectrometry instrumentation, initial and secondary data evaluation, and confirmatory testing.

Senior Scientist
Candidates for this position must be able to work independently using advanced analytical techniques to perform confirmatory testing, method development experiments and work on non-routine projects.

Quality staff ensures the validated process are up to date with regulatory standards from accreditation bodies. These individuals have prior experience in supporting laboratory functions and ensure staff have demonstrated ability in technical execution of laboratory methods.

IT professionals
Technical staff support networking, infrastructure, and system integration. These positions facilitate laboratory and business operations through secure and current technologies.

Other Opportunities
Research projects that require a range of highly qualified individuals.

SMRTL Careers